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U-Truck offers a fundamentally new solution for the organization of cargo transportation on the basis of the most advanced intelligent solutions! We will introduce the world to a convenient multifunctional platform, which unites customers and executors of cargo transportation. The whole cargo delivery world will be available in one application!

U-Truck is a qualitatively new automated system that will exclude mediators from the sphere of logistics, the "human factor", and will make stealing of transported goods impossible. Thanks to introduction of the newest technologies, the organization of cargo transportation will become fast, cheap, safe for owners of cargoes and cargo carriers. Our system will be constantly improved on the basis of algorithms for optimizing logistics chains, including using artificial intelligence.

The U-Truck system will act as guarantor of payment for transactions, fulfilling the role of the holder of funds until the fulfillment of its obligations by the parties to the transaction. In the future, U-Truck will be able to provide loans to its users. The development and testing of the U-Truck system will be carried out in Russia as the most favorable platform for the introduction of information technologies in the field of road freight transport.

The task of the project is to become an international logistics platform by 2020.

By 2030, we plan to include in the system the delivery of goods by all types of transport: rail, air, sea and river. The next goal is to become the largest operator of cargo delivery with the help of unmanned vehicles.

For crypto-currency investors, U-Truck is the opportunity to become the owner of profitable tokens at the stage of colossal growth in the stock exchanges.



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